We Are Stone Polishing Experts

We make your stone look new again!

Marble Doc has been restoring scratched, chipped, and etched stone surfaces to their original beauty more than 25 years! We service all natural stone and specialize in polishing, sealing, repair, cleaning, and protecting. We offer limestone resurfacing, granite crack repair, grout repair, grout cleaning, and fixes for slippage issues and surface flattening. All this is regardless of location - residential, commercial, interior or exterior. Countertops, floors, and walls, Marble Doc has the resources and passion, along with the expertise, to provide you with amazing service every time.

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Diamond Sanding

Diamond sanding, resurfacing of natural stone is used to remove scratches, stains, grout burn or any other type of etchings. We use skirted machines with dustless or water assisted pads and commercial suction systems to reduce or eliminate excessive mess.  

Tile and Grout 
Clean • Repair • Seal

We use the latest technology and cleaners in our grout cleaning process. We also provide grout removal and re-grouting of floors if needed. We start by cleaning the dirt and debris from the voids then fill with a resin to help the damage area blend with the natural stone. We also offer an Epoxy grout gap filling procedure to achieve perfectly flat stone floors, with no joints. 


Our process begins with sanding the stone using diamond abrasives to remove the damage from the surface. Once the damage has been removed we return the stone to its original finish. A polished finish has a glossy surface, reflects light and enhances the natural color in the stone. We can also change your stone from polished to honed. We will turn your stone from a rough unfinished surface to look new again.


Sealing of natural stone is one of the most important steps you can take to prolong the life and integrity of your investment. We use water-based, oil-based impregnator and enhanced oil based to provide the best protection in your natural stone.  


A honed finish is a matte to satin finish with minimal light reflection and has an overall more rustic look. Honing a marble simply means buffing and processing the stone to change the surface’s texture, transforming it into a smooth and non-reflective surface. Once finished, the final result is a matte finish, which is smooth but without clear reflection on the surface. 

Lippage Removal & Floor Levelling

Lippage removal is the process of grinding the borders of natural stone tiles to remove sharp edges due to settling or poor installation. The slippage can be annoying but more yet a safety concern.We can remove this to create a safer surface.