Natural stone countertops are a stunning addition to your home!

We provide the most natural looking stone protection film in the industry to keep your countertop looking beautiful for years!

Natural stone is porous and susceptible to staining, etching, watermarking, and chipping. Marble Doc Ultra Shield is an invisible protection film that preserves the perfect condition of your stone for years to come, acting as both a barrier and a sealant for natural stone. Ultra Shield is suitable for all types of stone, including marble, travertine, granite, terrazzo, slate, limestone, flagstone, quartz; also suitable for concrete and epoxy coatings. It can be applied to both newly installed stone surfaces as well as previously restored stone surfaces.



•Enhances the natural texture of stone 
•Eliminates staining and etching 
•Shields against ring marks and other water stains, Hydrophobic properties

•Chemicals and odor free 
•Available in glossy or honed finish 
•Resistant to high temperatures (up to 150°C)

•Self-healing and anti-scratch properties 
•Protects material from wear and tear   
•Eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals

Installation Process

Ultra shield installation is custom cut to every project to ensure a complete seamless installation, including wrapped edges. Our stone protection is easy, free of chemicals and only requires a one-time application. It can be easily removed and replaced without any damage. 

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• Stain Shield • Etch Proof • UV Guard • Scratch resistant •

• Before•

Repair staining, etching, watermarking, and chipping in your natural stone countertop!

• After •

Protect and preserve the perfect condition of your stone with Marble Doc Ultra Shield, and enjoy your countertops in the years to come!